Written, played & produced by Xavier Boscher

Release Date : 24th July 2020

Illustration : Xavier Boscher


Third Episode of the instrumental rock safari “Zoologica” around the river animals.


Metal Intégral – 17/20Zoologica Duodecim #1 : Ocean ouvre ainsi un bal « géo-animalier » dont le chef d’orchestre est un Mammifère doué, talentueux et prolifique, qui saura, tout au long de ce feuilleton, rendre hommage à la faune en général.”

Under Air Media “This album is truly unlike anything I’ve heard lately; apart from the concept itself, Boscher’s precise playing is very stylistic and unique”

Dragon Jazz “Ce minidisque de prog-fusion instrumentale n’en est pas moins aussi agréable que prometteur et on peut imaginer qu’il prendra tout son sens une fois inséré dans la vaste fresque annoncée par son auteur.”

Profil Prog “Si vous aimez BOSCHER vous allez sans doute vouloir suivre ces douze tableaux qui devraient s’échelonner sur plusieurs années. Sûrement pas un essentiel mais un EP qui s’écoute bien.”

Prog “Aber auch die anderen Alben von ihm sind absolut empfehlenswert und können ruhig gekauft werden. Verdient hat es Xavier Boscher auf jeden Fall. Ein Highlight im instrumentalen Bereich.”



Xavier Boscher is a French musician, painter & poetry. Guitarist and keyboardist, he has composed and released many albums since 1999 in progressive rock and metal genre, for himself and other projects (NEBULEYES, MISANTHROPE and more…). With MISANTHROPE, he has recorded 2 albums (Immortel and Recueil d’écueils) and toured in Europe with SEPTICFLESH.

Otherwise, he began his solo career with pop and rock new-age guitar style and was signed by Plaza Mayor Company for publishing. He also writes songs lyrics and poem in addition to these composer activities. In 2009, Xavier found his own structure “Orfeo’lab” to promote and release all his work. He has produced albums for many pop artists between 2013 and 2016 (Mlle Julie, Deborah Hofer, Mon ami Mio…)

Meanwhile, 2017 marks the return of Xavier to an imaginative instrumental music with the 10th album «Embryogenesis», a progressive metal concept has been well received by prog-rock reviewers around the world.

After that, year 2018 was rich in releases. First of all, an EP about animals “Zoologica Duodecim” was out, it will be the first part of a 12 serie. Also, “Eternity”, new 11th album, include 8 tracks of instrumental progressive rock with enchanted guitar melodies and breathtaking synths… Finally, the second part of “Zoologica Duodecim” is released in February 2019…

2019 will see the recording of a new album in parallel with the celebration of the 10 years of its label’s existence and 2020 with the release of a single with first painting of Xavier illustrated it and “Zoologica Duodecim #3”


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