24 janvier 2022
Written, painted, played & produced by Xavier Boscher
Xavier Boscher


DragonJazz : La plupart des titres sont très mélodiques et procurent une impression d’apesanteur : écoutez comment les lignes de guitare s’étirent, se replient et s’étendent à nouveau dans des arabesques infinies sur Seen From Space.

Behind the Tracks

Seen from Space
This is the track with the melodic lines that I’m most proud of on the album. It immediately made me think of what astronauts must see when they look at the Earth and the Sky seen from space. Magical and dizzying.

The Sky is Sometimes Grey
One of the last tracks composed for this album, whose theme is quite sad and reminds us that life is sometimes not always rosy and therefore that the sky is not always blue.

This term indicates the divine presence in heaven. I always composed thinking it was a monologue with God. This piece has something spiritual that I can’t explain otherwise…

One of the most recent titles, mid-tempo and aerial and automatically made me think of this sport full of adrenaline that is parachute jumping.

Solitude Interstellaire
One of the first tracks recorded for the album with a fretless guitar and a sustainer microphone to let the notes vibrate endlessly to give this impression of space, emptiness and loneliness

The Seventh Sky
A piece that I composed in 2021 and that made me think of the intoxication of lovemaking, when the body delivers the strongest emotions to you.

A bit sad acoustic piece that symbolizes the movement of clouds, a metaphor for less happy times in life.

Métronomie des Cieux
Mirror piece of my song « Métronome Céleste » which finally became an instrumental

Piece symbolizing the rainbow and the moment of calm after the rain. A little sad but also full of hope…

The saddest play I wrote after my previous breakup. The melodies on the fretless bass symbolize the heart that suffers in these moments. I’m quite proud of the melodic lines of this title and the emotion it brings that I personally find cathartic.


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