Harmonies Astrales

3 octobre 2022
Written, played & produced by Xavier Boscher
Xavier Boscher
Producer: Xavier Boscher / Painting : Sacha & Xavier Boscher

« Harmonies Astrales » is a collection of celestial pieces exploring various registers from Soft Rock to Jazz Fusion. I have drawn on all the sounds that are dear to me to highlight my precious melodies. Guitars with clean sounds, nylon strings, fretless basses , electric pianos, luminous pads and synth guitars compose the instrumentation of this new opus. From the confines of the admired galaxy to the « Stellarscope » passing through the panorama of the stars of « Star Atlas », you will discover subtle and sometimes surprising harmonies. The painting that illustrates this new album was made with my son Sacha and can only invite you to an extraordinary journey, as long as you like to have your head in the stars.
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