15 novembre 2021
Written, played & produced by Xavier Boscher
Xavier Boscher
Producer: Xavier Boscher / Painting : Sacha & Xavier Boscher


ProgRockJournal : A concentrate of virtuous technique between Prog Metal, Fusion and forays into Power Metal. Lovers of the more Heavy sounds of Prog with the guitar at the center of the project will appreciate this production that recalls the sounds of artists such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, with a more Metal style and personal traits. : ‘Firescapes’ ist auf jeden Fall mal wieder ein Feuerwerk instrumentaler Gitarrenmusik der Extraklasse und ich kann auch dieses Album nur jedem ans Herz legen. Und auch dieses Album gibt es wieder als digitalen Download oder als physische CD auf seiner Bandcamp.

Prog Censor – 4/5 : Concurrent modeste (en publicité) de Joe Satriani et de John Petrucci, sur ce disque, Xavier Boscher nous démontre aisément que le feu est son élément… et que son toucher est Nice very Nice.

DragonJazz : Combinant la maîtrise technique du métal progressiste à des passages mélodiques arrangés avec goût, Firescapes est la bande-son d’un voyage mouvementé à travers des feux telluriques d’origine inconnue.

Behind the Tracks

It is one of the most ambitious songs that I have composed. It’s an epic track of almost 16 minutes quite explosive with many atmospheres, many lines of melodic guitars on a background of syncopated rhythmic guitars.

One of the first tracks I composed for this album, with a powerful intro riff and many melodic lines and the participation of Julien Brière, a long-time friend who did me the honor of a thunderous solo .

Chuck’s Flame Will Live Forever
A song with a very “Death Metal” atmosphere and riffs which quickly established itself as a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, one of the inventors of the style and of the “Death” group, whose 20th anniversary we are celebrating this year of the untimely death of this genius. He will have had an important influence on my game and in my life in general.

Heart On Fire
Mid-tempo track which was planned for the next album but which finally worked perfectly with this fiery atmosphere. My longtime friend Thomas Leroy with whom I did the Twins project 20 years ago plays the early guitar parts and they are fabulous, inspired, and I see again that we have a pretty similar guitar playing. like twins.

Au coin du Feu
The little acoustic interlude is an exercise that I have loved since I made the “Magnific Senses” album 10 years ago. This composition made me directly think of friends or lovers who spend extraordinary moments by the fireside, the fire warms bodies and also hearts.

One of the most dissonant tracks on the album, the introduction of which is reminiscent of emergency vehicle sirens. The haunting rhythm is the soundtrack of a fire, disturbing and brutal. Another longtime friend gave me the pleasure of writing a solo for this title, it is Benjamin Masson, my sidekick in Nebuleyes, my old project.

Thermic Vision
Metal composition with a sustained tempo, embellished with parts of clean sounds and solos.

Mercury Planet Retrograde
The other weirdest track on the album, I wanted it to be spatial thanks to a guitar sound created with a harmonizer. I have always been fascinated by this astrological phenomenon when Mercury retrogrades, it takes place 3 times a year and seems to blur communication between men.

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