Digital EnfanT

1 janvier 2007
Plaza Mayor Company
Producer: Xavier Boscher

Written, played and produced by Nebuleyes between 2002 and 2004
Recorded in Cocoon Studio, somewhere in the Vox Humana
Artwork by Valérie Szeemann
Band Members :
Xavier Boscher: Lead Guitars, Bass, Synths, Programming and Vocals (Miranon)
Benjamin Masson: Rythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals (Thezar) & Web
Reno Camiglieri: Bass Guitars & Vocals (Lyrko)Guests :
Sandrine Millet: Vocals (Eterna)
Sandrine Meunier: Vocals (Amixa)
Marie Salvan: Vocals (Sykunaelle)
Anne-Cécile Mahé: Vocals (Luv’)
Aurélien Guégan: Vocals (Scientismus)
Yann Mahé: Vocals (Nay)

2002, Earth, humans lose control of their feelings and the most violent third world war is on…

Miranon, the spokesman of the people erotomania, community of men and women pacifist enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, exposed to his flock the current…

Thezar, the god of interstellar travel is obliged to respond, the only solution is to send to Earth a Digital Child: Tirao, a creature with a perfect technology processor enigmatic able to give back to humanity its character original…

After the festive events related to the arrival of Tirao, Miranon attempts to decrypt the hard disk of the child through Libellion, the robot communication system located in the Communicating and discovers a mystery the steps necessary to rescue the humanity…

Scientismus, an ingenious teacher will support him through the gas molecules of the laboratory and with his amazing form of cloning…

Nay, brother and geologist Miranon passionate CloNaÿ be cloned and take to the Mineral Gallery CR2b to extract the crystal: a crystal of a rarity…

Scientismus holding the elementary particle, the shock of the latter launched at the speed of light against the mineral, a dove appears…

© Xavier Boscher - All Rights Reserved