21 October 2018

New album Eternity

New album « Eternity » expected the 19th October. An 8 tracks progressive rock instrumental on which the guitar holds a good place with many melodies, licks, solos and breathtaking synths. The cover was created by the mighty Aurelien Maccarelli…

Single #8

Eighth single “Les voyageurs du temps” is available, with special guest singer Nyounaï Sauneg (Solo, Cosmic Zulu, Fredrik Mikael Mattsson…) and guitarist Benjamin Masson (Nebuleyes)


{FR} Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous une excellente année 2017 ! Qu’elle vous apporte du rêve, du bonheur et beaucoup d’amour ! {UK} I wish you all an excellent year 2017! May she bring you dreams, happiness and…

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