24 juin 2024
Written, painted, played & produced by Xavier Boscher
Xavier Boscher

I’ve summoned the muses to give birth to ‘Paracosm’, a protean instrumental piece in which I’ve distilled all my inspiration and know-how. Throughout its 26 minutes, you’ll plunge into the progressive rock of my imaginary worlds! Tinged with new-age bells, flutes, pads and majestic keyboards, or drenched in modern metal with its futuristic, sometimes tribal sounds, the piece deploys a rich instrumentarium: Nylon-string guitars for a Mediterranean interlude, fretless bass for jazz choruses, acoustic guitars to sublimate kaleidoscopes of arpeggios, electronic sounds with phase rotations, resounding sound effects and, of course, my faithful electric guitars for chiselled rhythms, Olympian solos and celestial clear tones. « Paracosm’ is like the painting that represents it, a veritable firework display of elegant harmonic progressions, a symphony of colourful melodies, an ode to my cosmic twin, a castell of bouquets of notes…

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