Origin & Rise

18 mars 2015
Brennus Music
Producer: Guillaume Morero

Now, Continuum presents its new EP.
New EP, new line-up, Continuum is stronger than never, and propose to revisit songs from the two first albums, plus a special double bonus wich consist in an unreleased song from the upcoming third album, and an unexpected cover of the band Emperor, where Continuum reveals its great and cosmic talent !

Cony Derenty – Vocals
Aleevok – Bass
Tony – Electric & acoustic guitars
Xavier Boscher – Solo Guitars
Guillaume Morero – Drums

Music by Guillaume Morero
Lyrics on « Explorer of Distant Galaxies » and « Waves Collapsing » by Guillaume Morero
Lyrics on « Contamination » and « End of Life » by Cony Derenty

Inno A Satana by Emperor

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