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The Nebuleyes project started in 1999, when Benjamin Masson and Xavier Boscher, two guitarists seeking for instrumental experiments, met. « Big Bang Foetus », their first title, was born after their first meetings. A meteorit hit a satellite, the keyboards burst into multiple radioactive bits and the guitars were disintegrated… 6 months later, « Reminiscence » left the « Nebula » into a very damaged state.

Beginning of 2002, the two musicians went back to the subsonic studios, to try to wake up a little humanity in the metal galaxy… « Elixir » was a real detonation in the progressive music environment : ten minutes of melodic cavalcades, and, for the first time since Nebuleyes was created, promises of an electrical music with human harmonies appeared. In September of that same year, « Digital, EnfanT »‘s tale was evoqued with the creation of the eponym song. The story of a numeric child, sent by the gods to rehabilitate humanity and the Erotoman people, was developed throughout the songs in order for Nebuleyes’ first album to be a theatral and musical masterchief.

The group’s style is an always renewed mix of metal, progressive metal, pop, atmospheric, electronical and symphonical atmospheres. « Digital EnfanT » was finished in early 2004. Afterwards, the duet started to write and record « Revolution Divine » for 2005, a majestic piece of music, that monitors the divine pilgrimage around « Miranon the Erotoman »‘s solar system. This is a new and stellar music. The story of the album will take you into a cosmic and revolutionnary journey from which you will not come back unemotioned…

4 years later, the new album « The Universal Being » was created with a new singer « Drama Elfamorta », a more symphonic and personal style always in high-end production. the story continue with a new born made of flesh, blood, sensitive genes of animals and vegetals… who will prevent the definitive destruction of mankind ? Welcome to the new Nebuleyes saga…

In 2011, Nebuleyes release an anniversary compilation for the 12 years of their existence. « 12 Years of Stellar Pieces » contains remixed songs, unreleased tracks and a cover of Iron Maiden.

« From Earth to Nebula » EP is out since February 2012, contains five tracks of solid progressive metal…